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  1. И что у тебе +/- 5% хил решает? Лучшее за скорост каста смотри и за ману... поможет и пвп и пве.
  2. Опят порезали кажется...
  3. If you think that when you join a clan you will play in party, you are in delusion. Clan is like how many? 50-100 people? Even if you find one international. Most of them are doing different stuff. Have different levels. Do not have the required support/dd at the same time. And on the server you have 10k people. Do you know about the party matching? You can open it, find party and play with random guys. If you know what to do, no one will care that you do not know russian. And it is nice place to start learning it :)
  4. And how much exactly is this "average xp"? This is the place where A grade buffers go to kill few mobs, when they get borred. 90% of the time he will be running from one mob to another. This actually is very good suggestion. For seed you need increased hp (x2 x3 x4...). 84 lvl x1 mob, gives less seeds than 78lvl x4. For 76 lvl tyrant, Dark Omens catacomb or Forbidden Path (first rooms) is the optimal for you. Also, it is in the range of Mithril Alloy seeds. If you do not have ANY buffer, you should level one Prophet to 56. Otherwise I do not see reaa
  5. По моему ест сундук в Den of Evil. На карте не вижу такой. (Там сам видел) Не вижу тоже и на Парнасе. (Там человек говорил что ест).
  6. I do not really get it. By your words what I get is, that shadow stepping should not be able to be executed, while the target is on that platform. Is this official? Or you consider it to be like that? Are there any elevation restrictions on that skill?
  7. I really do not know what you are planning and why... but for god sake do not do it.
  8. Many lab farmers do this. They pick WC/BD/SE support. So you can have, buff, dances, and stigma at the same time, with 3 account, not 4. (one pc). Outside of lab farming, there is no point doing this thou...
  9. Have you been afk? Being afk is common reason for not seeing things.
  10. WC. NO. It is incomplete and incorrect. To clarify why: On asterios, there are many changes around many classes. In this particular case, WC gives both critical damage and chance. As well as increase in HP. (It is documented in Updates section, it is not visible on skill database) This makes it superior choice, until level of 83 (which by itself is a long goal, and acquiring Counter Critical buff, that can be quite expensive on new servers. I sold one for 3.5kkk on last Phoenix). If you plan to farm instance like Freya with it, the resistance of proph
  11. Have you considered sword? If I do not have the level for dual dager, and If I do not have set/weapon/subclass/support for aoe pole farming, I usually run with a 2h sword. The only situation where I will consider blunt over sword is when I expect heavy-pvp. And if I expect pvp, this means im doing something wrong, because pvp gives no money for spoilers.
  12. Окна беруд везде, но берут свои окна. Буст на окно не нужен никакой ( кроме 600кк на заточка апп). СБ(СХ) топ клас для олимп, но если хочеш играт с 1 рука и кликат Ф1 Ф1 Ф1 Ф1 Ф1, лучшее бери арба/берса. (СБ женского бери...) Удачи.
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