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  1. no worries i had them forgotten in an ALT account warehouse. Thanks anyway for your response!
  2. Hi all. I am an old player returning and i wanted to know where i can start a thread (petition like) directly with GM's about missing items in one of my accounts that was found naked! Thanks in advance!
  3. Something that will never happen LOL Well im already in Chronos, too many russians there also, maybe majority but still an official server with mainly english language to be written! GL to all in Asterios! It's a pitty that is a 99,9% Russian server in all terms, and being shown as INTERNATIONAL....... If someone needs my staff (some S84 rare ++++ armors weaps jewels and bils of adena send me an e-mail ingame) i will give it for free
  4. There is no English speaking clan in x55 nor in x7 .... Rest are fake! Screenshot or never happened if there are ppls writing in english , cause on x7 i never found one in the last 4 years lol
  5. And where are those peoples? Are you sure about it? I dont see any Greek Romanian Bulgarian or German posting here..... Sorry to say but this server is 100% Russian, theres no chance for foreigners to play and be happy .... To not criticise the RACISM that fully exists from the Russian side!!! They never get u in party or helping u if u type only in English! Nice server....for many years now is alive still when all others died.....but this RACISM phase kills all the fun! Good luck
  6. ok how to write this name ingame? its bulgarian keyboard xD i have only greek and english here by the way....are we talking here for x5 (Asterios) ? Are there any neighbours Bulgarians?
  7. i went to x5 some years ago and still haven't regret it Even if i stopped 3 years before to go for one more time on official (Chronos) but anyway the drama and the shitty players are too many here so i stucked again here, even if 99,9 of server is Russian and to find someone to communicate in english is like searching a needle at the ocean xD Well if u start also on x5 can help u with some items if u need... Keep in touch mate
  8. CazaMats there is no Russian who will give you this kind of help...... I bet on that
  9. so where are u playing? u didnt tell us ............
  10. Меджик is right....lets kick some asses here!!! Make it believe xD
  11. I'm here after a long time...So if you're interested send a message here GMT+2 (Greece)
  12. sorry friend but i don't understand what you mean by saying "nick message i think it's the same thing i wrote upper anyway i will try again like your way and see. The under construction is 1 year now i am trying almost to pm someone So i think it will never get fixed! Also i never had this issue in any server official or not before :S kinda weird problem! Thanks for u answer/advice anyway
  13. Hi all, when i am trying the command "nickname to send PMS i get WRONG COMMAND......... So how you send PM to another player here??? wtf?
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