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  1. Hi spoiler or titan best choice for manor every mob who kill fast mobs
  2. Hi all which char choice now x5 solo farm titan or spoiler when mobs is strong now who best choice thanks for answer
  3. For spoil triger best summoner or active crit rate or passive
  4. Hi witch triger pick to spoil summoner.,passive crit or active crit thnx to answer
  5. Hi all i want manorit mobs in catacomb and gc so which char kill fast mobs tyrant or destroyer
  6. Hi all i want play for shillen knight maybe hawe guide from them tnx i love asterios i want play for tank
  7. Only solo best way which char Good farmer
  8. Hi wich char best choise for asterios x5 destroyer or spoiler only solo after job support hawe bd and warcryer
  9. Hi please told yours story how you farm with spoil to elegia h set thx
  10. Hello who best choice to destroyer for pvp celestion or ultimate defence from tank certification thnx
  11. Lwl guide from 76 to84
  12. Hi all where i can lwl up solo with tyrant after 76lwl i want seed so good place for exp and seed thnx for answer
  13. Hi all which dps most bigger with spoil if i be heawy set with blunt or light set with dagger spoil is 76 lwl
  14. Hi witch buffer best for spoil prophet or warcryer maybe can tell them +- thanks
  15. Please write farm tyrant guide i think them nerf in this server because all want destroyer for party
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