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  1. Hi all which dps most bigger with spoil if i be heawy set with blunt or light set with dagger spoil is 76 lwl
  2. Hi witch buffer best for spoil prophet or warcryer maybe can tell them +- thanks
  3. Please write farm tyrant guide i think them nerf in this server because all want destroyer for party
  4. Hi where tyrant pick up to party zaken freya or not?why in this server nobody want him only destroyer,
  5. Hi if i remove lw from 83 to40 and lw up to 79 i can go 7sing quest?
  6. Hi which set is better for spoil farm moirai h rar set or vesper noble h rar set or maybe elegia h set
  7. Hi please help choice between destroyer or spoil which for solo best farmer i play for relax after job no time to cp or clan thnks for answer if not hard:))
  8. Thanks for answer
  9. Hi where get link x5 telegram about sub rb thanks
  10. Haste from destroyer berserker for cat sky from bd. So who choise me better sky or ultimate defence from tank
  11. No i want know who better counter haste berserker sky or haste berserker ultimate defence for farm and pwp
  12. Hi witch better choise spoil sub haste berserker or tank ud or bd cielka
  13. Hi one question if my main is spoil but i hawe destroyer 84lw sub i can go solo 83laba without sub(haste bers celestion)?i hawe prophet83 and bd thanks for answer
  14. hi good choice spoil warcryer and swordsinger?
  15. hi where farm tyrant from 76 to 85 lv in this server only pole farm? where i can get adena with tyrant
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