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  1. So guys , I think i have a ban because of using adrenaline terms and conditions are on russian and im not so good of it . There are a lot of other players who using similar software so i dont know witch one is aloud and with not I truly sorry about this misunderstanding .
  2. Alright ! I drop them a message few days ago and still no respond hope is some technical issue as replay take to long .
  3. Hi There , I been away for a few days and when I log back my account was like this did not hear for a long from support so i was curios if is some technical issue as server is on Russian and do not speak a lot of Russian so if someone can help me with that . Also we are small clan who need clan hall and more active people but after this 20 days missing I dont know if some left it there are other people who are interested in PVE please send me a message in the game if I can log afc Regards George
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