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Ingame issue/Account timed out/ Character deleted


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Hello Admins,
I have a really bad situation about my main account 'aurimas123' character "AnSchutZ" that is clearly deleted due to warning "Вы слишком долго не посещали свой аккаунт "aurimas123" на Asterios.TM
Если до 2015-04-01 на нем не будет активности, он будет безвозвратно удален из наших баз.
Что бы этого избежать достаточно войти им в игру до указанного срока."  2015-02-17 d. 05:14. As i understand translated - Term was to 2015-04-01 to login and activate, but i just cant log on between this period and i am really sorry, i live in other town. My main character AnSchutZ is still shown as "name taken" and i really hope you can revive my main character. Its level is really high ~78 lv SwS. All account-holder information i have on my e-mail. Please respond, i hope to hear good news from your team. I have been contacting long time ago by e-mail and sending personal messages from forum to admins, but no respond. I would be very grateful to have a message from your team. Current ingame nickname "EinBischen"

Best regards,

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Pers AnSchutZ I found at enother account.

Account aurimas123 is deleted.

Please, write here http://forum.asterios.tm/?app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&id=85 and we'll help You.

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