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питомцы бьют атрибутом


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Версия 23340М

У песонажей не относящихся к классам "призыватель" переноситься атакующий атрибут от хозяина к питомцу

http://www.lineage2.com/news/hellbound_02.html со времен хелбаунда изменений не нашел


An attribute system that allows the summoners to transfer their attribute abilities to the servitor has been added. This only applies to Warlocks, Phantom Summoners, and Elemental Summoners and their associated third class.

When the summoner equips a weapon with an attribute that corresponds with that of the servitor, 80% of the corresponding attribute value automatically applies to the servitor.

The attribute value only applies to the servitor's attacks power, not to its defense power."

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