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Asterios x1 - Gravity - English Speaking Clan


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Hey folks, 


After a long discussion with the player base and lack of English speaking clans in the server, we decided to establish a new clan called Gravity in Asterios x1. 

Currently the clan is level 5 and have no ownership of CH or the equivalent. 


We are an international community who primarily communicates in English.
Seeking members who appreciates that Lineage2 is cooperative game and engages in clan activity, such as farming, dungeons and occasional PVP action. 

At this stage clan is FFA, however building yourself a CP by continuously involving clan members is very welcome. 


Our objective is to create a nice environment for players to develop and reducing toxicity in the community.

We usually engage in clan activities during UK Prime Time 19:00 (GMT+0)


One of mandatory requirement are using Discord, on this platform we share everything that's relevant and organize ourselves as a group. 

For any further queries please contact IGN: Gravity / Skert 


You can also apply for the clan entry sending a message to us on Discord: 




Best Wishes, 

Gravity Clan.

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1 hour ago, Tayanis said:

Hello =)

Are there any requirements for the character level?

Hey There, 


No level requirements at the moment, it will take time for everyone to catch up :)

Everyone is mainly from 40 to 60, personally I think it's an optimal window in order to find a group.

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Hey Folks, 


We are currently have positions open within the CP for BD / BP / SE / WL.


IGN: Gravity / Skert 



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Thank you all for the queries. 


For all people who has contacted me previously and have been told that the clan we would like to announce that due to clan level increase there are spaces available for new clan members. 


Do not hesitate to contact us in game or via Discord.  

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Hi guys, I am wark 75, interested to find some party to play together in ua/en/pl speaking clan

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