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SOS (zaelot)

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can anyone explain me why talisman great healing  + ls lvl 10 heal does not heal me full hp? during ZAELOT (i k it reduces heal cmon bruh )


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Zealot 3

Channels the power of the user's guardian deity for 1 minute, increasing Resistance to de-buff attacks by 80%, Resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 40%, Speed by 30, Accuracy by 6 when using a sword/blunt weapon/spear/hand-to-hand weapon, Atk. Spd. by 20%, Critical Rate by 100 when using a sword/spear, and Critical Damage by 100% when using a blunt/hand-to-hand weapon. Decreases physical skill MP consumption by 50% and the power of received HP recovery magic by 50%. Available when HP is 30% or lower.

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because great healing add only 1k heal points to any heal\restors skill (like talisman cp\hp restor)

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37 минут назад, rovtex сказал:

talisman great healing


+1000 heal


37 минут назад, rovtex сказал:

10 heal


552 heal power


37 минут назад, rovtex сказал:



-50% heal



552 * 1.1 *  1.5 * 0.5 +1000 = 1455 => yourth result  ^^

(1.1 - zaken, ~1.5 - spiritshot)

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guys what u think if i add dex +4 con -4 so that means -9 con + vorpal +0  set -3 con =-12 con and  also if i buy vesper shield +10 and s shirt +10 hp  can i play oly after that? 


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