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Hi ,

When i log into my account and go to character select screen over my main char i have this sign ' Not activated ' . What thoes that mean ? Is my char banned or not and if its banned why it is banned . Nick Bakemono , server Phoenix x7

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For questions related to:
- The loss of access to the account or character;
- Ban and unban;
- The disappearance of objects, characters, accounts;
- Problems with access to referral bonuses;
- Fraud, botovodstvom or other violations of the rules of the server;
- Other issues on which it would be desirable to maintain privacy;
should be written in the section Problems with accounts (PSA)   http://forum.asterios.tm/announcement/12-/  on the pattern of its rules. Link to create a new theme, and the rest of the instructions are the same.

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