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Can't login @ Ping error


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Hi again :blush:

In this server I play about 1 maybe 2 years. Everything fine, but today my computer has some crash and after that I run lineage 2, choose server and then press "Log in" and then on the right side top write "ping error"

Why? I try update and full check but it still can't log in my account :wacko:

Any minds?

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I try turn off my firewall but I still don't work :'(

Antivirus I don't have now :)

I don't understand. Before today computer crash I play in this server and don't have any problems. No lag and always normal connection but today something wrong :unsure:

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This may be a problem with your ISP or proxy settings?

1.Checking connection to the server.

start > perform > cmd


pathping x3.asterios.tm

2.This is proxy setting :

  • proxy-ru.asterios.tm
  • proxy-utel.asterios.tm
  • proxy-wnet.asterios.tm
  • proxy- volia.asterios.tm

  • Protocol=HTTPS


  • Protocol=SOCKS4


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Thank you Seyfer :):excl:

I try all and for me works this:




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