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  1. can i launch l2 on second pc from house from same ip adrres,and buy another windows for 10 shilen that lwill be in total 6 windows but from 2 pcs
  2. Chaotic thank u very much thanks allready found on ytbe Седой Олег Квест на Саб Класс (Lineage 2, Asterios x7) 15:33 but still pipete q is here is well ,why,or that 30 fabrics q is like update from asterios tm?
  3. no need to go to baium anymore? or baium is spawn outside no need blody fabric?
  4. why for the first option no problem to exchange , i cant read in russian so thx for nothing at this moment
  5. PX7 SERVER .im totaly new in this server(most intresting when i start prp:DDDDD vampiric,actualy i so long didnt played that first took like no problem after find out in forum that funny upgrade ) so after week start manor seeding from 65lvl, i cant get second option of crop reward always failed,now exactly at this moment have alternative desert coba,all towns exept aden have second reward option,but if i try to exchange in all towns failed,those crops on 72 lvl prp crop amount is 3173,in manor info remaining 2793454958 and price is 20000.with first reward all crops no problem in all town.what wrong what i doing wrong?
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