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  1. I have question to all eng speaking ppl playing here. What u think about make a International Clan in x5 asterios. I think here play many eng speak ppl who are tired to play with russians
  2. ghust hunter 83 lvl intersting to join or create fiz KP nickname Skubany
  3. Hello every1 i started play here 2 weak ago and i have idea to create international mele constans party, im from Poland but speak english, understand a bit of russ, im looking for players what wanna play here but cannot find eng speaking ppl to play together, if u wanna start play on server doesnt matter i help u with exp ur character. no prime time at this moment because im solo but if we find few ppl we set playing time. 1. Ghost Hunter - Me 2. DDr - 3. DD - 4 . Tank DA - 5. SE - 6. Cardinal - 7. WC/ PP - 8. BD - 9. SWS - my nick is Skubany contact in game on here
  4. im ghost hunter 81 lvl at this moment have 300 ele in weapon. im looking for CP where ppl can use english to simple commands.
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