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  1. hi titan best wc cow or pp pov?i ask because one sad wc best for titan and another sad prophet
  2. hi peoples can shift link abought titan guide in this asterios server thx
  3. rycka55


    hi all what chance craft moir rar with 76lv maestro if i craft with spoil 80 thx for answer
  4. hi one question i can craft moir with 71lw craft no need 85?and luck me?
  5. thnx for answer all
  6. but i was learn this skill so him delete?
  7. hi i was with spoil 82lv and delv him to 40 and lv up to 76 so question i can wear dual dynasty dagger? no need 81lv again?
  8. hi all why in this server is a lot of ppl who play in warsmith and why.?in server enaught crafter
  9. hi all i want to know how fast –82lw to 40lw i realy need info thanks
  10. hi is any site with asterios info about sub rb respauwn in this x5
  11. hi which universal dyes put on paladin?
  12. hi all can answer me universal paladin tatu?
  13. hi all please me to choice tank for solo pvp and pve i newer play with tank so really need help to choice
  14. tk imposible solo lw up?
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