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  1. I dunno if there is a bug or just missmatch with descrypion. But minimal bid is 1kkk What about weekly fee? The npc says that weekly fee is 1kkk also, is that right?
  2. Not tamed, only baby and adult and fully grown.
  3. @Expelliarmus u know how to resp more mobs in just one spot?
  4. Listen me fellas once again. On BEAST FARM (not fcking rift or chamber > dunno how You went into that idea) i've saw a guy who was farmign one spot on beast farm where was like 50 mobs in just ONE SQUARE. On every of the farm are max 10 mobs splited on whole spot, but we saw that one guy got spot with a big amount of mobs just in 1 spot.
  5. ....................... what did i wrote wrong? what are You talking about?
  6. I noticed random number of mobs but there was a lot of mobs in one spawn.... Seriously like 50 maybe more... different levels, baby adult etc.. I mean that on one farm was not like 6 mobs , but just 10 times more
  7. Even adult mobs was respawned in one place Like 50 maybe 100 mobs in just one square of beast farm. He provoke half of the mobs by one provoke
  8. Hello everyone. Could someone tell me how it's possible to bring like 50-100 mobs in one farm? I saw yesterday one WL with full support could kill like 50 mobs by using only one provoke. Is on this server any way to farm the beast farm like that?
  9. Hello like in topic , we are playing melee CP 12/9 Online from 18-24 We are looking for any clan who is pl/eng speaking. Nicks in game to contact: ifalqo / d0nat / malpa
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