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  1. benasm

    Subclass quest

    Hey, Do I have to make full subclass quest on this server? Maybe there is shorter quest by any chance? Thanks
  2. benasm

    English speakers

    Hey u can mail me in game "neB
  3. benasm

    Premium account

    Ok I see, but is it possible to move it to another account by any chance? I want to start playing another char and leave the current as dualbox.
  4. benasm

    Premium account

    Is it possible to move premium account from one char to another ?
  5. benasm

    Game launching issues

    There is no error. Once I click.play on launcher nothing happens. Then I do it for like 10 times, the vote table appears and I click vote later and game.launches
  6. Hi, Whenever I start the game it does not start from the first time. I have to open launcher and click start like 10 - 20 times until the game starts. Any ideas what is the problem I am facing and how to fix it ? Thanks.
  7. benasm

    l2 crash report

    Thank you very much, it works now
  8. benasm

    l2 crash report

    Where should I reference the Option.ini location ?
  9. benasm

    l2 crash report

    Still the same crash error
  10. I am trying to launch the game, however, I receive a crash report. Any ideas how to fix it ? I tried to delete Options.ini file according to recommendations, however, it did not solve the problem. Thanks!
  11. benasm

    Don't use VM

    Is there another way ? I would rather not install windows as second os :(
  12. Hi guys, I am trying to launch the game on Mac through Parallels desktop, however, I receive an error saying "Don't use VM". Usually I can launch the game on any server without any issues (there were only one or two servers that would not allow to launch the game through VM). Does anyone know if it is possible to fix this error somehow? Or I have no chance to play in this server on parallels desktop? THanks.