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  1. Beep! More people, pls Everyone is welcomed, as long as he speaks english/bulgarian
  2. I forgot to mention... We are mostly Bulgarians so far (although we use english in most Mumble channels/clanchat). I heard there are many other bulgarians on the server, so you can consider the clan as bulgarian as well.
  3. Feel invited to join us in our International/Bulgarian (english speaking) clan in x55. Pm me on TrissMerigold or send me a mail in-game for more information.
  4. As the title says, we are recruiting members for international (english speaking) clan on x55. We are lvl 7 with main clanskills, but we are growing fast, aiming to be factor soon We have our own Mumble server and some veeery decent players, providing helpful hints, tips and support, when needed/asked for. Full CPs are welcomed, as well as solo players. PM ingame or send mail to TrissMerigold