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You can check set stats in a base:


Light sets https://asterios.tm/index.php?cmd=bd#items.bytype.armor.light

Heavy sets https://asterios.tm/index.php?cmd=bd#items.bytype.armor.heavy


Blunts https://asterios.tm/index.php?cmd=bd#items.bytype.weapon.blunt.rhand

Daggers https://asterios.tm/index.php?cmd=bd#items.bytype.weapon.dagger


There are a lot of conditions. You never can say which set and weapon are better than others.

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Have you considered sword?

If I do not have the level for dual dager, and If I do not have set/weapon/subclass/support for aoe pole farming, I usually run with a 2h sword.

The only situation where I will consider blunt over sword is when I expect heavy-pvp. And if I expect pvp, this means im doing something wrong, because pvp gives no money for spoilers.

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