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sub class quest,

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33 минуты назад, smikizs сказал:

so i need to get now from hannelin quest blooded fabric,he asked me to  get shell of monsters     killing lesser giants ,i went true that special port to giant cave  ,killed maybe 30 lesser giant wizards and elders ,cant get nothing,how long and maybe in hi5  other mobs need to kill?meybe in that forum somewhere guides for  sub and nobles,


After step 6 you should go to Kaspar in Hardin's academy.

In dialog you should chose "I'll bring you blooded fabrics".

Then you can continue from step 8. (So you don't need pass quest "An Arrogant Search" and go to Baium).

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 Chaotic thank u very much

thanks allready found on ytbe 

Седой Олег Квест на Саб Класс (Lineage 2, Asterios x7) 15:33 

but still pipete q is here is well  ,why,or that 30 fabrics q is like update from asterios tm?

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3 минуты назад, smikizs сказал:

that 30 fabrics q is like update from asterios tm

I'm pretty sure this is how it should work on hf5. It's not update from asterios tm.

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